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Toddlers (18-36 months)    


At 18 to 24 months of age toddlers now: 
    1. Scribble using one hand more than the other,
    2. Build a tower of three blocks after an adult shows them how it can be done,
    3. Begin to turn pages in a book,
    4. Point to an object after hearing its name, and
    5. Fill a container with objects such as rocks.
    Can find hidden objects by following simple directions,
  1. Try to find out about things by touching, smelling or tasting,
  2. Are able to find new ways to use objects,
  3. Are able to fill a box or a can with objects,
  4. Look at a picture book alone,
  5. Can name familiar objects,
  6. Recognize familiar sounds, such as horn, car, animal noises, or voices,
  7. Can understand more words than they can use,
  8. May be unhappy about mother leaving,
  9. Can recognize themselves in a mirror,
  10. Point to a familiar object after hearing its name, and point to body parts on a doll.

Toddlers 24 to 36 months can: 

  1. Use crayons holding them by the fingers to make simple lines,
  2. Build a seven to ten block tower,
  3. Turn pages one at a time,
  4. Remove paper wrappings from small objects, and
  5. String long beads.
  1. Take simple objects apart and put them back together,
  2. Remember where many things are kept and how to get them,
  3. Can learn from experience and remember what has happened before,
  4. Name parts of the body of an animal, person, or themselves,
  5. Know what body parts are used for,
  6. Understand the meaning of the word "another",
  7. Know what they can eat and what they should not,
  8. Know what some objects are used for,
  9. Can match colors, sizes, shapes, or textures,
  10. Recognize themselves and familiar adults in snapshots,
  11. Can make simple choices,
  12. Can tell you whether another child is a boy or a girl, and
  13. Understand "how many" or "two".




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