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3-4 years Old    


  1. Hammer nails and pegs,
  2. Put pegs in pegboard holes,
  3. Build a tower of nine blocks,
  4. Imitate building a bridge of three blocks,
  5. Draw around their own hands and feet,
  6. Draw simple forms and figures,
  7. Paint with a large brush,
  8. Take tops off containers and put them back on again, and
  9. Follow the outline of a simple shape with a finger.
  1. Begin to match, recognize, and name some colors, shapes, and textures;
  2. Put together simple five to ten piece puzzles;
  3. Make simple forms with clay;
  4. Draw a figure with a head and body;
  5. Count to five;
  6. Count three objects;
  7. Are starting to be aware of time – such as day and night, morning and afternoon, now and later;
  8. Know who is older and younger than they are;
  9. Point our likenesses and differences;
  10. Understand meaning of the words "in", "out", "up", "down", "under", "over", "next to";
  11. Begin to understand differences in size such as "big", "little", "thick", "thin", "tall", "short";
  12. Give answers to simple questions, and love to ask questions themselves, and
  13. Enjoy listening to stories.
  14. Preschoolers 4 years of age:
  15. At 4 years old we make sure that every child develops a love for learning. They are provided with an age based fn curriculum to create imagination and social experiences. They will learn to write their names. They will learn alphabets and letter sounds, numbers, simple math and geography.
  1. Learn to make simple shapes by folding a piece of paper,
  2. Cut between lines one inch apart,
  3. Using sewing cards with large holes,
  4. String small beads,
  5. Carry objects without dropping them, and
  6. Connect dots with pencil and crayon.
  1. Draw a person with a head, body, arms, legs, and sometimes features;
  2. Put together a ten piece puzzle;
  3. Tell you when they have finished an activity;
  4. Name seasons of the year;
  5. Match the letters in their name;
  6. Match, recognize, and name more colors, shapes, and textures;
  7. Tell differences in sounds such as loud or soft, high or low;
  8. Count from one to ten;
  9. Tell front, back, inside, and outside of clothing;
  10. Understand when daily activities happen; and understand "how many" up to "four."




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