Programs & Activities


  • Infants 6 to 9 months:
  • Hold two objects in one hand,
  • Pass a toy from one hand to the other, and
  • Do two things at the same time.
  • Try to do things over and over until they can do them better,
  • Look for and uncover a toy which they have seen hidden,
  • Pay attention to sights and sounds for a longer time,
  • See differences between colors and simple shapes,
  • Get toys which are a short distance away,
  • May kick at a hanging toy,
  • Shake or move an object to make a noise,
  • May stay awake for two to three hours at a time,
  • Show surprise when a familiar object disappears, and
  • Can do two things at once.
  • Infants 9 to 12 months:
  • Look at pictures in a book,
  • Open drawers and cupboards,
  • Place one object inside another
  • May favor their right or left hand, and
  • Grasp a small object with their thumb and first finger
  • Show more curiosity by exploring a nearby area,
  • May imitate people more,
  • Stop doing something when told "no",
  • React to the sound of their own name,
  • Put a name with familiar people, even if not always correctly,
  • May remember games they have played before,
  • Can dump objects out of a box or can, and
  • Look at pictures in a picture book.
  • Infants 12 to 18 months:
  1. Drop and throw objects away from them,
  2. Build a tower of two blocks, and
  3. Make crude lines with a crayon.
  1. Understand simple directions such as "Clap your hands,"
  2. Answer simple questions such as "Do you want to eat?"
  3. Correctly use names of familiar people and a few objects such as "ma-ma", "da-da", "ball",
  4. Get and carry small familiar things,
  5. Look for something in more than one place,
  6. May look for a missing toy,
  7. Find new ways to get things done,
  8. Notice when familiar people have left the room and may cry,
  9. Notice different sounds made by things they drop and throw,
  10. Remember that some things happen one after another such as food-wash-nap, and look at or point to a few parts of their own body when asked.


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